In writing Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind Prof. Harari has done his best to rely on the most up to date sources and the most accurate facts available. Yet as with any human endeavor, mistakes are inevitable. Despite the best efforts of Prof. Harari and his editors, the text unfortunately contains some factual errors that were discovered only after the book was published, and it was too late to correct them.

Below you can find a list of errors, and the corrected information. None of the errors changed the core arguments of the book, but Prof. Harari and his editors apologize for these mistakes, and thank the attentive readers who noticed and flagged them.

If you spot any additional errors, please contact us so that we can add them to the list, and do our best to correct them in future editions of the book.

P. 310-12 UK

Pages 310-12 UK paperback edition:

The claim that the native population of Tasmania was completely wiped out is inaccurate. Thousands of people in Tasmania and beyond, in particular members of the Palawa and the Lia Pootah communities, trace their ancestry to native Tasmanians.