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Itzik Avatar

Itzik Yahav – President

Itzik is the co-founder and head of YNH’s global initiatives. He was the initial agent and personal manager who spread the books worldwide, and has been Yuval’s spouse since 2001. His background is in art and production.

Cares about: the environment, animal welfare, managing disruptive technology

Wonders: What should we teach our children to prepare them for the future?

Naama A Avatar

Naama Avital – C E O 

Naama comes from a background of management in social and business enterprises, focusing on innovation and educational technology.

Cares about: human liberties, nature and spreading knowledge

Wonders: How do humans look from a cat’s point-of-view?

Naama W Avatar 2

Naama Wartenburg – C M O

Naama’s background is in management within the third sector and PR industry – focused on comms, marketing and brand reputation. She studied literature and visual communication, and spent most of her working life in the UK.

Cares about: new urbanism, community development, art & design

Wonders: What would a world without private cars look like?

Michael Avatar

Michael Zur – Global Reach

Michael comes from a background of management and operations in international sporting events, both in Israel as well as around the world.

Cares about: climate change, social justice, governmental transparency

Wonders: Why are women paid less than men for the same work?

Antonia Kuyumji Avatar

Antonia Kuyumji – Online Media

Antonia worked in marketing and entrepreneurship focused on the environment and health. She has a degree in Media and Communications.

Cares about: health and ecology

Wonders: If one of us is suffering, do we all suffer?

Daniel Avatar

Daniel Taylor – Rights

Daniel has a professional background in law and business development.

Cares about: environmental degradation, creeping totalitarianism, technology dystopia

Wonders: Is this freedom?

Shay Avatar

Shay Abel – C F O

Shay is a CPA and lawyer. He recently served as the CFO of a publicly traded company, focused on real estate investment.

Cares about: polarization of society, focus of the public discourse

Wonders: How can we recognize fake news and prevent its blind acceptance?